From The Desk of The RockStar Medic

Go Beyond Mediocre and Reach For RockStar Status

Nelson Boswell said, “The difference between greatness and mediocrity is how an individual views a mistake.”  Far too often I see First Responders focusing on the negative aspects of their failures.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t failing on occasion, you probably aren’t pushing your limits.  You are wallowing in mediocrity.  Exceptional individuals push themselves to the limits of their abilities.  This practice enables these providers to constantly extend the limit of their ability.  Beyond making mistakes, the exceptional among us view their shortcomings quite differently.  How do you view your shortcomings?  Are you frustrated and embarrassed because you were wrong?  Or do you view this error as an opportunity to improve your understanding and practice of medicine?  The exceptional providers around you, are identifying with the latter of the two.

The key to being an exceptional provider is the constant pursuit of improvement.  Once you decide that everyday is an opportunity to improve yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve.  Exceptional providers actively seek out opportunities to get better, and acknowledge their weaknesses as an area for improvement.  How do you spend your downtime on shift?  How do you spend your time while sitting post, or on a standby?  Are you watching the latest episode of some “Reality Show”, or are you revisiting the pathophysiology of the endocrine system?  Are you settling for enough to maintain proficiency, or are you actively attempting to grow your proficiency?

Only you can answer the question… Are you a mediocre provider, or do you truly want to be exceptional?  If you want to be exceptional, what are you doing to reach your goals? Are you attempting to shore up the weaker parts of your practice? Are you embracing your mistakes as opportunities to improve?  Exceptional providers focus on their weaknesses to drive their improvement.  You know which providers I am talking about, they are constantly reading, watching a webinar or attending a training.  These individuals cannot stand the idea of being mediocre at anything and will constantly and relentlessly pursue excellence.

Find your inner excellence, embrace the RockStar Medic inside.  Revisit a textbook, read up on A & P, or follow a clinical blog.  Attend a conference, read some journal articles, and above all, ask some questions.  People place their lives in your hands, never forget what an honor and a privilege that is.  Be exceptional at what you do and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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